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New Day’s strategy for making more and better disciples is threefold:

  • Sunday Morning Worship Services (CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION)
  • Sermon-Based Small Groups (CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION)
  • Service Initiatives (CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION)



The church is a body. (Romans 12:4-5; Colossians 1:18) Just as a healthy body has a skeleton, New Day has a structure to support healthy growth and effectiveness. There are four important parts to our structure: The Congregation, The Church Board, The Lead Pastor, and The Staff Team.

  • The Congregation includes the Members and Regular Attenders of New Day. They are doing the work of Christ (ministry) in the church and in the community.
  • The Church Board is a group of no more than 10 individuals who are trusted and annually reaffirmed by the Members. The Board governs by setting objectives and guidelines to help the church accomplish our mission and live out God’s vision.
  • The Lead Pastor is a member of the Church Board, and has the role of taking the direction prayerfully determined by the Church Board, and equipping the Staff Team to make progress in that direction.
  • The Staff Team is a mix of Support Staff and Ministry Team Leaders (a few who are in paid positions, but mostly volunteers) who lead the Congregation in living the vision and accomplishing the mission. CLICK HERE to meet our Staff Team.

New Day Christian Church

Office Location:

5310 Willow Street

Weston WI 54476

Service Location:

9302 Schofield Avenue

Weston WI 54476